Ciara’s Maternity Look Was Yanked Right From Men’s Fashion Week

ciaraThat Ciara’s got goodies is stale news, about 28 years old; it was known that she had it all on 25 Oct, 1985. That was the day she was born: Born to be one of the most beautiful singers of all time…and a ditto actress. That she has added one more item to her list of goodies, i.e. the baby she and Future are expecting, is not hot potato news either.

Ciara and her current partner, singer Future had announced their engagement in style. The singer sports a tattoo on her ring finger that leaves no one in doubt. The capital N stands for the first letter of Future’s given name, Nayvadius. A fifteen carat diamond ring personified the engagement that drew the world’s attention. In the interview given on 14th singer/actor announced that she and Future are expecting their first baby.

Ciara’s baby bump was prominently visible to her admirers at the Hyundai/Grammys Celebration Activation on Sunday January 26. Ciara was wearing Ashton Michael leather and beaded trench. She spoke on the cravings she was subjected to by her pregnant condition. Her cravings were not limited to just one particular thing. She would keep eating something over and over again and then transfer her attention to something else and would continue with the routine.

New York fashion week is scheduled for 6 to 13 February, 2014. The fashion aficionados are keen to access the knowledge of who will wear what. Ciara draws more than her fair share of attention due to her pregnant state. What dress would possible show her pregnancy or may be hide it? Will she or won’t she want to make people see and guess how pregnant she is?  

Lighting Ratios For Portrait Photography

Lighting Ratios For Portrait Photography

photo: studiostyles

Did you notice that the paintings by a Van Gogh or Da Vinci have the lighting in them carefully drawn? It is the lighting in right proportion that lends the portraits their ethereal quality and the life-like look.

When it comes to portrait photography, the ratio between the “key light” and “fill light” that emphasizes shadows has to be very accurate.  It is the appropriate lighting that gives shape to expression, the brightly lit parts in a portrait lending a contrast to the least lit portions. We daresay lighting makes or breaks a portrait photograph. Generally, the ratios followed fall into four categories. They are, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1.  

5 Great Photo Apps for iPhone and Android

Just about everybody has heard of the Instagram app for their iPhone or Android, but there are plenty of great photo apps for both types of phones! Whether you are an aspiring photographer or you just want to touch up a picture from dinner with your friends, there are many app options to help you out.

Pixlr Express (Both)

Pixlr was created in Sweden with the intention of allowing amateur photographers to put some nice touches on their photos. Quickly you will be able to see all of the amazing effects you can create after uploading your picture. You can add more color, or you can go all out and add flames to your photo!  

Learning How to Photograph

Get backdrops for photography that will really make your photography pop. Combining backdrops with photography lights from will be just what your subject needs to look beautiful. There are lots of different reasons for learning how to photograph correctly.  

New Hobby – RC Helicopter – WLToys V911


Microsoft FY12Q4 Results – Plus That Lost Decade Thing

There has been a lot of conversation in the last few weeks about “Microsoft’s losing decade” thing and it really is a complicated considered when you actually take a look at Microsoft’s windows record. People don’t really have inside information about the company and its plans in the near future, but they are still going to discuss its position in the market today, which is certainly not the same as rumors.

DYE Design Your Own Contest

I joined a design contest for paintball guns by DYE Paintball. Fortunately I qualified to received for the last and final voting in the Asia region. Two of my design got in, but only 1 design per region can win. So I’m writing to ask everyone’s help and vote for my designs and win the gun with my design. :D



Please click on the photos to open the voting page.
Please note that you can only vote one per region.
Type in your name and email and the security code to vote.

Thank you in advanced,

Different Type of Rolex Brand Name Watches

There are tons of different Rolex brand watches available for sale. Everything from the rolex datejust dials and the more regular rolex dials to the beautiful faces and clasps, everything about a Rolex is truly wonderful. What are rolex dlc brand name watches? They are extremely high quality Rolex brand watches. Rolex buyers and other people who want Rolex watches are almost always put on a waiting list of some sort. This makes the resale value very high because people don’t have to wait the sometimes required 5 to 10 years of being on a waiting list.  

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