Just about everybody has heard of the Instagram app for their iPhone or Android, but there are plenty of great photo apps for both types of phones! Whether you are an aspiring photographer or you just want to touch up a picture from dinner with your friends, there are many app options to help you out.

Pixlr Express (Both)

Pixlr was created in Sweden with the intention of allowing amateur photographers to put some nice touches on their photos. Quickly you will be able to see all of the amazing effects you can create after uploading your picture. You can add more color, or you can go all out and add flames to your photo!

Adobe Photoshop Express (Both)

If you’ve ever wanted to take the power of Photoshop with you anywhere you go, now you can. Photoshop Express allows you to make edits to any of your photos and upload them to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you just want to make your picture a grayscale or add borders to give your photo a more defined look, you can do it. It is available for both Android and iPhone, but the iPhone version has more features overall.

Fotodanz (Android)

If you’ve ever seen a picture online where part of the image is moving while the rest is still and wondered how to do it, then Fotodanz is the app for you. Fotodanz allows you to take pictures and three-to-five second videos, then select which portions you want to be animated, and which ones you want to remain completely still. There are multiple looping options for the app and then you can upload each animated photo to social media.

Cinemagram (Both)

Cinemagram is essentially the same idea as Fotodanz, but it used to only be available for the iPhone until very recently. It takes a bit of mastering to get your picture just right as many attempts have looked like a regular short video or .gif file compared to what the intended use is. If you play around with it for a little bit of time, though, you will be able to perfect it and make amazing Cinemagrams to share with your friends and family online.

Snapseed (Both)

Snapseed was awarded in 2012 with the TIPA best photo app of the year, and for good reason. There is a lot to like about this app as there are many different things you can do with your photos to really make them pop. There is an extensive amount of options that professional photographers will enjoy to perfect a photo while you can still be a beginner and pick it up quickly. It is rated very highly amongst users and has been considered by some to be the best photo app available today.

So now that you have some ideas on what apps are available for you to check out, give them all a try and play around a little bit. Once you pick up some of the nuances of photo editing, perhaps you can take it to the next level.

Angie Picardo is a writer for the personal finance website, NerdWallet, where you can find information on apps for travel and finance to reach your financial goals.

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