There has been a lot of conversation in the last few weeks about “Microsoft’s losing decade” thing and it really is a complicated considered when you actually take a look at Microsoft’s windows record. People don’t really have inside information about the company and its plans in the near future, but they are still going to discuss its position in the market today, which is certainly not the same as rumors.

First things first, if someone has never worked for Microsoft, then how someone can are so sure about the work environment in Microsoft ten years back. The United States of America functions, there is an objective “middle management’ dominates, they are the red record. If people don’t have these restrictions, every group level employee would have an immediate variety of connections to the CEO and most companies would get off monitor. It’s the way companies execute, why this is awesome to some individuals that Microsoft decreased into this container.

Many people criticized Microsoft role with their employers, but the reality might be different. Most people don’t like how their organization roles for their employees; each organization has their own strategy and considering Microsoft has huge properly secured, 90K plus people managing for them, and they have a variety of, yes a variety of, great cash companies under their balanced out offset umbrella, these are the people who have guts and they certainly know what they are doing.

Microsoft is far from perfect and some described, but there are also few other things happened in those ten years, or “lost decade” like income tripled, income went remarkable and Microsoft offered various benefits to its employees and shareholders and also so much cash to traders that they would need several veins to offer it all.

Let’s take a look at what Microsoft coming over the next 12 month, Windows 8, Cellular mobile phone 8, new Xbox announcement (expected), Surface tablet are few things which can generate large amount of revenue for the company. Regardless of what many people think of Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft’s windows Cellular mobile phone, it also explains that Microsoft is willing to get rid of market requirements to make an impact.

What Microsoft is doing with windows 8 is producing the lengthy run. If you think Microsoft windows 8 is an operating system of yesterday, then you are losing the picture. A Microsoft window 8 is the foundation to create a machine that substitute the “PC”. There are still few things which can be better on the part of Microsoft like the competition in the market is increasing everyday, but Microsoft still one of the major player in the market and people have to understand that Microsoft build a foundation for the lengthy run and Microsoft Windows 7 is not going anywhere which gives the company an edge. Microsoft has to make the move to turn Microsoft windows to be more users friendly and more beneficial for the people and now is that time; it’s really not that challenging to figure this out.

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