Since I got my first personal vaporizer the Screwdriver Mark II which runs 3.7V at 900mAh, I realized I need a backup e-cig device. And its a must coz I only have one. If it fails on me, what? Will I lit an analogs smoking crap again?  NO! NO! And NO! Once you  switch to e-cigarretes, you will never go back to analogs cigarettes. Coz it will taste like shit!

So I see a lot of reviews about eGo’s, good feedback and its been highly recommended for vaping starters. Grimmgreen and his greenarmy actually recommended it to me. But I went to bought a kGo which runs 3.7V at 1100mAh. It’s an eGo variety but has a higher mAh. For what I understand the higher the mAh the longer it can be use.

So eGo is rated at 650mAh which gives like 6 hours plus vaping. And kGo is 1100mAh, they say you can use it like 8 hours straight of heavy vaping. But for my experience I can tell you it last me all day and to the next day noon. 😀

I vape it with HoneydewNatural E-Liquid PG/VG mix at 18mg of nicotine mainly coz I have 30mls of it. And also I have Pomegrante at pure 100% VG(vegetable glycerin) and Passion Fruit. All my e-liquids are 18mg in nicotine that gives me a nice throat hit and amazing flavor. Dripeez made natural e-liquids using  the cold pressed extraction for flavors. One of my fav e-liquid vendor. Thumbs up!

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